Disk0s2 i o error mac single user mode

What does this mean?

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How to check for and fix OS X boot drive errors

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To verify the disk, click "First Aid" and click "Verify Disk. If Disk Utility returns an error on a non-system partition, select the partition and click "Repair Disk. If you can't repair the problem and haven't recently backed up your data, back up immediately to another drive.

To back up the drive using Disk Utility, drag the partition from the left side of the window into the "Source" box, then drag the disk you want to copy the partition to into the "Destination" box. To replace your drive, find your model's instructions on removing and installing a hard drive.

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  • How to check for and fix OS X boot drive errors.
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Apple uses standard disk sizes, and you can format your new disk by booting with the System CD, opening Disk Tools, clicking "Partition" if you want more than one partition on the drive, or clicking "Erase" to format a single partition. Hard disk failure is a common problem.

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Prepare for it with the expectation that your disk may fail at any time. Time Machine makes incremental backups to an attached external drive, and when you must replace the disk, you can copy everything back from your Time Machine backup, including your system settings and preferences.

Timing seems to coincide with a database copy during evening maintenance window rather than while "live". Does the error signify imminent disk failure or potentially it could be down to software? I'm fairly new to Mac admin so any pointers on the above would be welcome.

Re: Is this a dead hard drive

Your hard drive is failing. Trust me, I've been doing this since about You need to replace the drive and restore from backups.

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It's hosed. Errors look to have been happening intermittently since March.

Advanced Tip - Mounting drives in Single User Mode

Glad I asked here as information in normal circles apple. Will look into replacement hardware asap.


I/O Error Log on a Mac | It Still Works

One post I did find re the audit log issue pointed to using minfree which I've tracked down as a parameter of tunefs here. This value specifies the percentage of space held back from normal users; the minimum free space threshold. Note that if the value is raised above the current usage level, users will be unable to allocate files until enough files have been deleted to get under the higher threshold.

I'd replace the failing disk with an SSD, the OS may be corrupted so if you have the time do a fresh install rather than cloning the drive. First "error" I'd spotted in the log was BSD root: disk0s2, major 14, minor 2 which I've since learned is harmless The times seem to mostly coincide with periods when a maintenance run is copying database files to backup overnight on same machine.