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BTW, still happening after yesterday's patch. I live in hope it will be fixed one day. It never got fixed, in spite reporting it 3 times.

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It seems most game companies these days still treat Mac users as second-class citizens. It'd be nice if someone other than Blizzard had reasonable support for Macs. Surely there is enough abstraction in the video handler to fall-back to OpenGL when the latter isn't available, and stubbing out features not available is a relatively simple thing. While I'm not affected as I can run Mojave some folks using older Macs who can't upgrade their OS due to Apple's stupid policy on this should not be paying the price and forced to upgrade hardware for the sake of being able to play a game they've been able to for years No way, not twice the work.

Yes, it requires testing always does but the OpenGL code already exists in the previously used code base, only the Metal driver is new. I have over 30 years of experience in software development although not games , so have more than a clue on how this works. Proper abstraction and api development is the norm, and switching systems that alienate a reasonable share of the existing user base is a poor decision.

As for "not being worth it", that argument is past history and has been for years, Macs are slowly becoming the norm though for reasons I've mentioned probably not in games.

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I seldom see a PC in my line of work except when working with a larger corporate, which is hardly a games market, but other developers myself who enjoy video games generally want to do so on a Mac platform. Edited by Deeprave on November 20, AM. JHanshaw Soul Shriven. I'm have the same crash issues. Three, minor irritants, actually: 1 the maximize and minimize buttons on the game window are missing, preventing me from going full screen; 2 I have to click three to four times in the password window before it allows me to type, even though the cursor is flashing inside it; 3 every time I close the program window it "unexpectedly quits.

Good times. The graphics defaulted to Ultra High straight off. No issues. This shouldn't be the case but these Mac woes seem to persist and at patches Zen seem to be causing more problems than they solve. Yep I get the unexpected crash too when quitting as well. Veladros Soul Shriven. Hi I get the usual when i quit the game. But now this even happens when i reload ui at times or when i change my graphic settings.

Which gets annoying. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks : :. Nevermind I didn't do the patch.

Thanks for making this possible!!!! Hi again. I'm having some trouble again. Then I entered my login information and it initially launched. Then nothing happens? Any ideas is to what has changed and how to maybe fix it? Thanks :. The PMB hasn't started installing anything by this point. Then it just appears again. Every time the same message comes up. Any help would be great! Thanks a lot! It is a "torrent" type downloader.

All that it does is downloads the Turbine Installer I am unfamiliar with it.


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Hey William thanks for the quick reply. I am not sure what you mean by network speed but my internet connection downloads at I am using the CrossTIe. The message says exactly that actually. It seems really easy to fix; just to delete the filed that already exist but for some reason when I click "Yes" about 2 minutes later it just comes up again, identical.

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Thanks for your help! Clearly I am also just the coolest with my Hobbit desktop background It kind-of-implies- that Pando is aborting and restarting. My first thought was you were getting communication errors causing that to happen, but I'm now wondering if wherever Pando is getting its seed from has one or more corrupted files and it is failing part way through and then trying to recover. I note from your screen shot, however, that it has downloaded 0B implying that it is happening early on. That might be consistent then with your reporting a "longer" download time - because Pando is changing seeds from one or more with fast access to one or more with slower access.

If that is the case, there is probably little you can do about it. Two suggestions to try -- 1 quit out of everything -- including CXG! Manually erase the files indicated; re-launch CXG and fire-up the CrossTie installer again and see if it still fails. There is always the outside chance that I'm correct in that it is a corrupt file on a seed site, and that seed site will go-away on its own, solving the problem.

PMB is a torrent type downloader, remember. Good luck. I'm afraid that this problem is beyond the realm of CXG and even Mordor. This is very strange.

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It doesn't make any sense. But what's weird is the same message came up but when I searched for the files it said already existed they were nowhere to be found. I remember once before having found them and deleted them. Then the message came up again stating that certain files already existed but there were no files! It said "The following files already exist in the folder you specified.

It literally said that then the "Yes" or "No" option. There were no files that "existed already. I am following the steps verbatim. Anyways thanks for your help! I might have to go the Bootcamp route. Gerald W Posted: This is very strange. Are you deleting the bottle s involved? Under Lion, it is "hidden" -- unless you have turned on "Library" access.

But since you are running Snow Leopard, that doesn't apply. The download is roughly 10GB itself -- before it is expanded during the Install.

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  8. Just tried Lotro with normal Turbine launcher after migrating to CX 11 and while it runs fine and fast for the program patching it just hangs and do nothing at the next step Examine data files. So I reverted to using Pylotro for patching, which it does just right with no fuss and no ads : I recommend to keep Pylotro at hand anyway, even if turbine launcher works, just in case and update breaks something and you are unable to patch or run the game with launcher. Issue with Pando. I tried the newer 11 version of Crossfire, but I am only licensed for As I try to reinstall, I'm using the crosstie and everything goes very weill until Pando pops a window and says my OS will not work for Pando.