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No one here is lying to you and all I was trying to do in my first post was suggest a way you could continue to chat via Skype with your contacts. Ultimately, as anyone who is security concious should do, the solution you require is to update your OS to Please post the fateful news on the Skype Mac page, clearly worded, so at least the rest of Mac users with I have viewed this discussion with interest as I wasted several minutes downloading the old version I already had and restarting etc to get skype to work on my old faithful iMac OS X I appreciate that you are the messenger here and Im sure we are not aiming barbs at you per se, but at Microsloth.

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Its just frustrating and annoying to no longer have Skype working on our old desktops. I have an iPad and iPhone so still have call connectivity at least. I, like probably many other tinkerers keeping their old Macs running, have max'd out my OS X upgrades and can not upgrade any higher. So A lot of lag but better than nothing. Came home to find out that my promart account that was hacked recently read my other posts was blocked and I cannot log in anymore from Samsung GT-N tablet running Android version 4.

Last night it was running fine and I thought that the damage was restricted only to my OS The tablet version of Skype has automatically updated alll the time. Forget about Mac OS And BTW Allen, refunds are available only in EU funny for a US-based corporation because they have tougher laws on customer deception, and only if you can log in in the Skype account.

You said " Ultimately, as anyone who is security conscious should do, the solution you require is to update your OS to I'm trying to have a meaningful discussion that might lead to a different outcome. My son is a loyal Skype user who has been paying since the first year Skype was introduced. For him and for me, this action is completely unacceptable. Microsoft must know that there are millions of Mac users who use Macs that are 5, 6, 8, and 10 years old.

Macs tend to have a much longer lifespan than PCs, and the resale value of a used Mac remains high for several years. Most of us folks who enjoy our older Macs much prefer the stability and smaller memory requirements of earlier versions of the Mac OS. And some of us older folks can't even read the menu bar or lists on later OS versions, where the system font from Lucida Grande to Helvetica. Apple may try to encourage us to use a later OS version, but while they might say that they no longer support an older version, they would never cripple an older version such that we can't use it.

Firefox recently deprecated the earlier OSes by telling us that we couldn't upgrade to later version, but they didn't disable the last version that worked with those OSes.

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For all I know and I don't really know , Windows users may be used to this sort of thing, but from the Mac side, this is simply abhorrent behavior on Microsoft's part, and needs to be corrected ASAP. I am only of those people who is heavily dependent on Skype for my life. To have to swtich to something else who be intensely disruptive. Skype is primarily for making calls and sending chat messages.

The fundamental technological principles of how those work haven't changed for 10 yeas. Whatever new bells and whistles you've added that require features of OS versions later than So, kindly either find a way for us to continue to use the Skype app for Mac with older OS versions , or build a "lite" version that we can use, that doesn't include anything that requires a later OS version. And if Microsoft wants to know what we want, they can ask us. Calling another Skype user is simple and making calls to land lines isn't difficult either, but problems emerge when you want to use advanced features.

Some features are hidden behind menus and some buttons don't explain the feature it activates, like screen sharing. It takes some time to learn all of the advanced functions in Skype. Skype has become one of the standards for calling through the internet and has features that everyone can find useful. The app can intelligently adapt to different desktops or devices and adjust for network speeds without having to manually change your settings.

There are many variables to get good video and sound, and Skype is able to get the best possible quality available. The varied uses of Skype make it a very important program to use. Since it's cross-platform, you don't have to worry about compatibility with other users.

Skype on older Mac OS versions

Since Skype has replaced Messenger, it is the default messaging app for Windows , but it's still a great add-on for Mac users. This version of Skype is designed for OS X If you use a new version of OS X, then download this version of Skype.

This is not an older version of Skype as it purports to be. This is the Microsoft app for only the latest OS. uses cookies.

This site and all its pro ducts are likely data scavengers. Running Skype 7. The first month was alright, but it began to be off-line very often since last month. Worse than 6. Crashes and crashes.

Viber for Mac

Disabled my Skype 6. So I now have no way to run a group videoconference, for which I pay a monthly fee. I'm headed to Fuzebox. That's all there is too it. No fair pawning this off on Ecamm. With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions. Almost ready.

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