Mac os x 10.6.8 boot camp windows xp

Triple Boot Mac OS X 10.6, Windows XP, and Windows 7

While running Windows 7, do the following:. I found this out the hard way. If any file gets corrupted say from a power outage , Windows 7 will do a chkdsk check disk operation on its own partition and the Windows XP partition. To prevent Windows 7 from automatically running a chkdsk command on the Windows XP partition, do the following:. If you were affected by this chkdsk issue, there is a way to recover.

Just let the Windows 7 chkdsk complete. Once chkdsk is done, follow these steps to reset the Windows XP permissions:. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive? Surprisingly, Mac OS X The latter is enabled by the Boot Camp driver installation on Windows.

Unfortunately, write access is not allowed for either case. If you are using VMware Fusion and was able to load the old Windows 7 Boot Camp installation which we deleted as part of the triple boot process previously, you can load the new Windows 7 partition with a simple change. When VMware Fusion next runs, it will regenerate the necessary info to be able to load the new Windows 7 partition. I found a hint that the rEFIt boot icon labels can be renamed.

Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space

Mac OS X. Sorry to hear. Which step in the Windows XP installation did you get to? You might be able to repair Windows 7 by booting from the Windows 7 install DVD and selecting the recovery option. Try ended with disk read error. The C: So if you boot into Win7, the C: Likewise, if you boot into WinXP, the C: It sounds like when installing XP, the wrong partition Win 7 might have been selected; which would explain how the Win7 partition got overwritten.

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In this case, you might need to restart and re-install the Windows 7 onto the Win7 partition again. Hold C button after boing boot sound to start directly from CD. Your email address will not be published. Epic Failure: Windows XP gave me this error: Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Create Windows 7 and XP Partitions To prepare the hard drive for triple boot, I had to shrink my Mac OS X partition first partition and delete my existing Windows 7 Boot Camp partition in order to create two new partitions, one for Windows 7 second partition and the other for Windows XP third and last partition. You will see a nice graph of the hard drive with the Mac OS X partition as a rectangle.

Delete the existing Boot Camp partition if you have one. The Mac OS X partition rectangle in the graph will grow to reclaim the unused space.


We will be doing resize and add partition operations using the graph. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience.

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Installing Windows XP via Bootcamp no longer supported? - Ask Different

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