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More details are available. Ensure that you review the Upgrade Instructions located there, and have your FirstClass upgrade license before proceeding with an upgrade. You should find the upgrade license in your FirstClass Online account mailbox or can complete an online request form for it. See the online support page for more information.

Gizmo5 has been acquired by Google and software is temporarily unavailable. Read more. Similar to Skype but based upon the comparatively open SIPphone protocol , Gizmo5 uses your Internet connection broadband or dial-up to make free calls to other computers. Inexpensive add-ons called "Call In" and "Call Out" enable you to talk to people on any mobile telephone or land line.

Features include:. ICQ is one of the most widely used chat "buddy" systems on the Net today, and this is a long-awaited port of the software to the Macintosh. ICQ informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will, alerting you in real time when they log on. ICQ, allows you to chat, send messages, files and URLs, play games, or just hang out with your fellow 'Netters' while still surfing the Net. Unfortunately, Mirabilis pays much less attention to its Mac development than its Windows development, so there are woeful differences in the capabilities of the two versions.

Because of this, Gerry's ICQ, a privately-written alternative available above, has become quite popular. Version 3.

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Problems include: I know it's supposed to be a beta, but this is ridiculous. Stick to the previous version if you have it, and avoid this one like the plague. The software is architected in such a way as to encourage support for many languages other than English. The author notes, "Icy Juice is still not feature-complete, and the current release is a preview and an invitation for users to express their needs and expectations from an ICQ client and for developers to take part in this open source project in one way or another.

It runs as a command-line application, comes in source form, and is completely free of any charges or fees. The ircII project is a group of people who maintain the source code, incorporating fixes and new features.

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You might want to make your object directory "obj-osx" rather than "obj-sparc" if it makes you feel better, though! The premiere Internet Relay Chat program for the Mac. I'm not much for IRC, but this is a client that really impresses me. It's rock solid, has a great interface, and is filled with features. From the Info-Mac abstract: Ircle takes less space disk or RAM , is more stable, and responds faster than Homer. A must for slow Macs. Although the learning curve is a bit steeper than other IRC clients, the climb is more than worth it.

Ircle is simply the most stable, most powerful IRC client available for Mac. The developer, "Onno," is always working on improvements, and can often be found on Undernet's " macintosh" channel soliciting comments from users. Too many other features to mention in a short space. I had so many problems with it--loss of connection and freezeups--that I was ready to quit trying to chat online entirely. One of my friends suggested I try Ircle. From the first time I tried it, I have had none of the freezeups and almost no "bumpoffs" that were driving me crazy with Homer. You can adjust the background--and the text--to whatever colors you wish!

And the DCC chat protocol is absolutely wonderful. You can chat privately with another user, and send files back and forth. It is fast and very stable. I am absolutely hooked on Ircle On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Ircle an 11!

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It makes chat sessions a delight! The online release notes have more information. Since it is of Japanese origin, it is also seamlessly capable of working with Japanese 2-byte Kanji.

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IRCStep is distributed as freeware. The fully-functioning day trial version features many improvements and additions. It aims at implementing all of the standard Jabber features including chat, group chat, messages, the roster buddylist , and agents.

Eventually, the authors hope to incorporate all of the features of the Jabber protocol, including browsing, strong encryption and the new conferencing protocol. Its features include one window for multiple servers, rich keyboard shortcuts , and fast and stable performance. It's a killer app. MacIrsse supports all of the themes and scripts available at http: However, Microsoft Messenger 6 and 7 are compatible with the Office Communications Server products used in many corporate environments.

Messenger for Mac 7. Other versions are still available for Mac OS X The Hotmail alerts are great. As soon as another party sends you a message, the whole OS locks up. Under 1.

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Overall, I would not recommend this client for OS 8. Version 8. You can use instant messaging and audio and video calls to communicate with your contacts. More information is available on the beta site.

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  • It can be used to communicate with all sorts of H. It uses the protocol stack developed by the OpenH Project. For more information about ohphoneX and the XMeeting project, please visit the XMeeting web site at http: Therefore, advanced features such as multi-party conferencing and answering machine are not included in this release. However, these feature will be included in other applications from the XMeeting project. Messenger protocols. One distinctive feature of Proteus is that it separates the user interface from the actual services that interact with IM servers.

    These services run in self-contained daemon application that handles each connection independently. Some distinctive features include:.

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    Proteus is a neat, simple, easy to install chat client that picks up and handles all of my existing chat accounts in one simple interface. The message windows can be 'docked' so that only one message window takes up screen real-estate, and you can even broadcast messages among a list of users in your 'buddy' lists, so that it ends up acting like a pseudo-chat room. Adium does everything Proteus does, and far more. The fact that Adium does it for free sealed Proteus' fate.

    Proteus was dragged to the trash and I'll keep using Adium until Proteus improves. I simply couldn't find any advantages to using Proteus over Adium, and little advantage over Fire Proteus is a wee bit more attractive than Fire - but that's all. Jabber is an open source instant messaging system fully based on XML.

    Psi is small, fast and responsive. It uses a graphical toolkit called Qt, which takes on the appearance of whichever operating system you run it on. For this reason, Psi doesn't use 'skins'. We'd rather it blend with your desktop like any other application. Psi has full support for Unicode.