Free alarm clock for mac computer

Has a stop watch. This little program helps me keep my day organized, and I would really be in a quandary without it.

Alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer

A common problem reported by people is the file that downloads from this website. However, if you just remove the. Something was wrong with the download from CNET but it was easy to do from the website. Google the publisher if you have to. Also offered the nature sounds and standard alarm.

4 Best Free Alarm Clocks For Mac

I downloaded about 3 different alarm softwares just to find something simple that actually did what it promised. This one delivered. Others claimed to wake computer out of sleep mode to turn on alarm, but they didn't work. This one did.

Try it. Read reply 1. So cool But still I wish I could individually name the alarms workday, early meeting, weekend, etc. There isn't a good a program on Windows! This provides you with everything you need to wake up in time- that's what it's for! Kudos to Robbie Hanson-the developer.

Apple should hire him, he's done a terrific job of integrating his stuff to the Mac. Just beautiful. This is perfect for me- I was looking for a free alarm clock that uses my iTunes music to wake me up. This is just what I need.

It also comes with a timer and a stopwatch, which is more than I was hoping for. I was pumped when I found this. This has no reflection on the quality of the program whatsoever-just a warning to everyone. As one other user said, trying to download this program off of this website does not seem to work. It appears as a. This isn't a problem though, just go to the website and download it directly from there. This site won't let me give link to the website, so i will just put spaces in it-copy this into your address bar, then be sure to delete all the spaces: w w w.

When I download the file, the extension is.

Any help? Read replies 2. Change the name of the text file by removing the 'txt. All you need to do is remove the. Then it works. Don't know why it downloads as a. Softonic review Alarm Clock is a free multiplatform program also available for Android and Windows. More about Alarm Clock The current version of the software is 1.

Download Alarm Clock for Mac - Best Software & Apps

Alarm Clock Alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer. Alarm Clock A free app for Mac, by Apalon. Pester Simple clock and timer for Mac. Timer A chronometer for your Mac. Alarm Clock Pro Much more than just an alarm clock. Download Alarm Clock 1.

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Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Alarm Clock Review. Parallels Desktop Lite.

Allow you to use countless customizable alarms, stopwatches and reminders!

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