Spoof iphone mac address no jailbreak

Change Snapchat Map Location! (No Jailbreak, .iPA, or Ban)

All devices released after these use the new format:. For devices released before September Apple TV 4K and earlier, Apple Watch Series 3 and earlier, iPad 6th generation and earlier, iPad mini 4 and earlier, iPhone X and earlier, and iPod touch 6th generation and earlier , the method to calculate is the following:. If the DFU restore is not performed, many applications will break, including iTunes.

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It is very important to first write down the original MAC address and keep that information in a safe place so that you can revert this change if necessary. This hack is shown on an iPod touch 4th generation.

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It is also very important to not change this to an invalid MAC address. If you change your device's MAC address to something invalid, your internet won't work again until you fix the MAC address using MobileTerminal or similar.

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This persists even if you restore -- so you can make this really really hard to fix you can call it a form of bricking if you restore and there's no jailbreak available, if the available jailbreaks don't include afc2 and other workarounds aren't working. Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs.

How to change your MAC address

Download ZIP. Let me give you a few: You are limited by time on public networks and everyone want more than just 15 minutes of internet. You want to regenerate your UDID A lot of governments rely on this to find you and then intercept your datas.

In France for example, secret services have full access to public Wi-Fi and therefore can locate you by using your MAC address. Important details There are few non-important glitchs when the device will reboot depending on the iOS version: For iOS 7: You are going to re-activate your device. An internet access will be required.


How to Change MAC Address in Android Devices Without Root

For iOS 8: You will be able to get the springboard but all apps will be locked down, you must connect to internet before and type your Apple password in one app. Everything should be back to normal after. This comment has been minimized.

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