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My sister and I talk about this all the time when we play Sm4sh. What do you guys think?

If all the Smash characters were in a high school together, what would be their personalities?

Duck Hunt is that kid that doesn't go to high school because Duck Hunt is just a dog and a duck and animals don't know what school is. Diddy Kong: the teacher's pet that nobody likes, and who even the teacher told to shut the hell up after realizing how much of a little shit he is.

Now he sits in the corner and quietly sniffles after being nerfed. Lucario always puts off all of his homework because he works best under pressure.

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Shulk would get a lot of detention for "feeling it" in class. This is one of the funniest ways I've seen the feeling it phrase used. I was just giving you a hard time. She just shook her head, letting her golden bangs swing back and forth. It's gonna take more than a punch to the ribs to keep me down.

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Mac let out a rough, throaty chuckle, relieved that Samus was taking it so well. Another silence passed between them. Mac knew there was something he wanted to ask her, but first he had to muster up the courage to do so. It was the most curious thing; he had no problem making a move on her when she was acting cold and aloof, so why was he getting all tongue-tied when she was being affectionate and friendly?

Mac lifted up his wrist and gazed at his watch.

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About fifteen minutes had passed since Samus made that phone call. If he wanted to ask her that question, he had to do it now- nerves be damned.

Little Mac and Samus

He shifted his head to the right, forcing himself to look directly into her eyes. Beaming, Samus reached over and grasped him by his glove-covered hand, gently guiding it closer to her. In that moment, all of Mac's nausea, pain and fatigue seemed to wash away. It was like a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders, liberating him from the debilitating torpor he thought he'd never see the end of.

In spite of everything he'd been through, those two words of reassurance from Samus, coupled with that warm, amiable smile of hers, made the whole night worthwhile. Sadly, the moment would only last so long before it was interrupted by the sound of the front doorbell echoing throughout the castle halls. She slipped her arms underneath him and lifted him up into a cradle.

As she carried him down the stairs, he felt the collective gaze of the other partygoers boring into him, causing his cheeks to flush red. Some of the attendees noticed this, and tried to rectify it with some words of reassurance. Once Samus got to the front door, she handed him off to his trainer Doc Louis, who was waiting by the doorway wrapped up in a black, bushy overcoat. Samus smiled, gave the two of them a wave goodbye and walked back inside to rejoin the party.

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After she shut the door behind her, Doc turned around and hefted his star pupil over to his car, huffing and puffing as he did. Once he got to the car, he opened the back door with his free hand and laid Mac down onto the backseat, making sure to buckle his seatbelt for him. As he waited for the car to get moving, Mac idly hoped that Doc would get him back to the training facility without a lecture. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed as soon as they peeled out of the driveway.

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I know this was your first time drinkin', so I won't be too hard on you, but you've gotta learn to pace yourself and know your limits. If you start to feel lightheaded, that's your body tellin' you that it's time to stop. If they don't respect you for that, they ain't worth your time anyhow.

Doc cackled, nearly losing control of the steering wheel before regaining his composure. But for Little Mac, it was a nerve-wracking nightmare. You must be Little Mac! Neither of them responded.

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Link's eyes drifted over towards Mac. The night'll be over before I- "Hey, it's-a Mac! Of course! How could I have forgotten that?! Wah ha ha! It's-a gonna get you fucked up, for sure! How is it? Mac had to force himself to maintain eye contact, when all he wanted to do was look down and take in all the curves and contours of her body, from her shapely thighs to her perky chest to her washboard abs to her… Snap out of it, Mac.

Keep your eyes on hers. Gotta be smooth. Gotta be a gentleman. See, I've been… I've been thinkin' about you since we shot my trailer. I heard that he was gonna smash with us, but-" Just as he was getting the conversation back on track, Mac was hit with a splitting headache, causing him to double over in pain. Thanks again.

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If you can't walk, that's okay. Samus took the phone from him, punched in the code and started scrolling through his contacts. Samus leaned in closer to him. You and the other fellas have yourself a good night! That's what coaches are for, right? See More by MrTyeDye. Lincoln is dressed as Shazam. Welcome to a very spooky episode of Peeking Through the Fourth Wall!

Lola: Let's not waste too much time on this one. I still want to have time for trick-or-treating. Lincoln: Trust me, Lola, you'll have plenty of time. Don't worry about that right now. Anyway, this is "Attack of the. If there was a worse time to be trapped in a car, it was now.

Stuck on a desolate road far away from the town, the occupants of the black sedan shivered as the temperature dipped later into the night. A single lamppost threw a warm light into the interior, illuminating the man and woman seated in front. She turned to the black haired male beside her. This is swearing in this! But we have Romano is this chapter, so whaddya expect? Please be aware that I own nothing of this story, not even you - the story line itself is merely an idea slung together from other's I have read myself.

Some of the arguing I have taken from various sources, and do not claim to be my own idea. Feel free to use as you wish. He noticed that your wall was decorated with Polaroid pictures of you with your friends and family but he felt a burst of pride since majority of the pictures included him.

He saw your desk—neat as always—and a few of your notebooks sitting atop it. Oikawa looked around your room while waiting for you to finish showering. He saw your desk—neat as. This is a Super Smash Bros. I've always been a huge fan of the Punch-Out! Given how little characterization he receives in the games proper, he was pretty much a big, blank canvas for me to paint on. It was a common philosophy, but hearing it from Doc Louis, it touched Mac that someone as like him was very That's why he decided to join Smash Bros. Not to just show off and improve his skills as a boxer, but to make his father figure proud.