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But I remember I have to be strong and provide the best life for these five amazing people I call my family.


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MetroArms M30SDT45B MAC 3011 SSD Tactical 14+1 45ACP 5"

Worry about your valuables no longer and rest assured knowing your belongings are safely monitored. Look who I found!!!! Do your children know what to do if they see an unattended firearm? One of the bonuses of owning a paintball and Airsoft store is that my children are around people who respect firearms of all kinds. If you want training of any kind, from hand to hand combat, advanced firearms training or Krav Maga, we offer all of that here. Our colleagues t4survivalct will be offering instruction as well. We live in really interesting times and I encourage all parents to not avoid this subject, but educate yourselves and your children.

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Because you all loved the Vector so much, here is another video. Unfortunately you are unable to visually see the targets in this video but at least you can hear them! Resource- Canada Government website www. While teaching him why to wear ear protection the hard way, he nails this shot better than most adults could.

Not surprised, with his short history of great shots.

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He always wears ear protection while firing loud firearms and almost always hits his target impressively. But, a proud dad, either way. Come train with me! Range today practicing some drills. Details at 2ndamendmentrally. Jeopardy theme kicks in Thanks to a follower of my channel for explaining the possible cause to the safety issue I had with the original Savage A22R in the MDT chassis. Please be aware of it and remember the firearm safety rules at all times! Thanks for everyone to helped make this possible!

October was DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth. Throughout the month we posted facts about domestic violence and firearms. Below are a few resources If you or someone you know is experiencing DomesticViolence. Last weekend I had a great opportunity to try my hand at some long range shooting. At close range, slight bending of the rules can happen and hits on target can still be made. The further you get from your target, the greater the penalties for straying from proper fundamentals become.

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Back it the day after! DM us for Details! DM us for details! Grand Rising G.

Metro arms 10mm

Follow-through is the glue that holds the other fundamentals together and makes firing the perfect shot possible. Follow-through starts when the shooter has aligned the sights and begun to aim the shot. Understand the facts and have a plan. Sparring www. Tatiana is a firearm instructor, hunter, mother and outdoors enthusiast residing in the State of Maine.

This means a match-quality stainless steel barrel, a match trigger and loop hammer, and some hand-fitting. This also means goodies like a beveled and flared magazine well, an oversized ambidextrous manual safety, an extra-large beavertail and grip safety with palm swell , and front cocking grooves. The MAC has adjustable sights, including a fiberoptic front sight that is dovetailed in and is drift-adjustable, and a fully-adjustable Bomar rear sight.

Construction is largely steel, except for things like aluminum grips and an alloy skeletonized trigger. Finish is uniformly black. The trigger itself is flat-faced; some say that this makes for easier trigger pulling under stress. The barrel is 5 inches, with an integral feed ramp.

Metro Arms SSD 3011 Review

The ejection port is flared and lowered, something considered essential in a competition pistol and many police and military pistols. They said they had a good time so thats all that matters! You stabbed the devil in the back, and you expect to survive? What did you think would happen? Just like women, 's need plenty of wardrobe options. Cash Deal of the Day! Authority Arms is a licensed firearms dealer and follows all Federal and State laws.

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All firearm sales require a background check. If you only face forward, there is something you will miss seeing. Taking a break from my Glocks and enjoying my Officer. Now I want to buy another Home Hashtags metroarms.