An error occurred while communicating with the scanner mac lexmark

Lexmark MXde with High Sierra. Days of research finally over!!! Thank you!

Downloaded and installed both the printer driver and the scanner driver in two separate operations. Image Capture could see the MP scanner but when invoked, yielded the error. Referencing your insight, accessed printer settings via browser IP address for printer, only to find IPv6 was already disabled in favor of IPv4, so I thought I was still hooped. Thanks for the original post. Your email address will not be published.

Troubleshooting macOS High Sierra Problems

Fixed It! Add a domain name to the ipv4 domain name field. Under advanced settings for IPP add a location value. Uncheck Enable Syslog checkbox.

Under proxy settings select No Proxy. Stewart Bryson on December 12, at 7: It was the IP4 think for me.

3. When all else fails

Mike Bender on June 16, at 4: Thanks for this. It was the ip4 thing for me as well. Kip Leitner on April 18, at Haraldinho on May 2, at 6: I had the same with the TR Your solution worked perfectly, thanks for sharing! WIA Driver: Troubleshoot scanner issues when scanning using Acrobat Search. Acrobat User Guide.

[Solved] MacOS High Sierra Scanner Error -9923

Select an article: Applies to: Filter by: All Common error messages while scanning Correcting page size when scanning Negative image while scanning Error: Scanner not recognized Error: Scanner driver not found or invalid Error: Could not connect to the scanner. Common error messages while scanning. General troubleshooting tasks. Install the latest scanner driver.

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Restart your computer with startup items disabled. To disable startup items in Windows XP, do the following: Quit all applications. Type msconfig in the Open box and then click OK. Click OK, and then restart Windows.

To reenable the startup items, do the following: Type msconfig in the Open box, and then click OK. Rescan the image using a different color mode.

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Specify the image size in the preview panel of the scanner software. Log in with a new account. Correcting page size when scanning. Negative image while scanning. Scanner not recognized. Check if the device is connected physically. Check for the cables for e. Disconnect and reconnect the cables to make sure the connections are proper. Make sure the scanner is switched on and is not showing any error message on its display if any.

Troubleshoot scanner issues when scanning using Acrobat

In case of any error or if the scanner is stuck at some operation, restart the scanner. Verify if the scanner works with any other application: There are some built-in and third-party applications are available for Windows and Macintosh with which you can try to use the scanner: It is available for free. Just download and install it to see if your scanner is working or not. For OS X, there is a pre-installed Image Capture Application utility which can be used to check if the scanner is working or not.

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  • Alternatively, If you have any other application installed which uses scan functionality then you may use the same to test that scanner is working as expected with that application. Re-launch Acrobat. Restart system with start-up items disabled: To disable startup items in Windows, do the following: Click OK , and then restart Windows. To re-enable the startup items, do the following: Install latest scanner drivers, and then restart the system: Then, restart Windows, and then install the latest scanner driver as per the manufacturer's instructions or steps mentioned here.

    Scanner driver not found or invalid. Check if the device is connected physically: General information about scanners and drivers. What is a scanner driver software? What types of scanner drivers available on Windows and Mac? Native Drivers: A platform specific Windows or OS X driver which performs the basic scanning functionalities.