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The Norse are aggressive, driven by conquest and expansion.

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Sturdy and resilient, the Egyptians defend themselves well and are difficult to overcome. Along with the obvious differences between these three main mythologies, each culture is divided into three subsets, each of these associated with a different major god, for a total of nine playable factions. Gameplay as one of these sub-cultures is further defined by its deity, as each god offers additional influence over the game world, related to his or her mythological realm.

After deciding to play as the Greek culture, for example, players can then choose the tough infantries of Zeus, the strong cavalries and unique water units of Poseidon, or the durable infrastructure of Hades.

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The Norse can choose from Odin, Thor, or Loki. Egyptians follow Ra, Isis, or Set.

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  • Fantastic creatures fight tremendous battles and new legends are forged in the Age of Mythology, but fans of Ensemble's earlier work will be pleased that the game retains and builds upon many of the best features of the Age of Empires titles. Cultures advance through four ages, each leap allowing new buildings and technologies.

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    Each of the major gods also has associated demigods, more of whom become available with each cultural advance. Also like Age of Empires, Age of Mythology is designed for balanced play throughout its many layers of complexity, with subtle diversities among the cultures and sub-cultures to allow and encourage a wide range of real-time strategy gaming styles. Show More Show Less. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews.

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    Great Role Playing Game for Mac This is one of the few great role playing games that was released in a version compatible with Macs. Best Selling in Video Games See all. Days Gone Playstation 4, 9. Save on Video Games Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. You may also like. Age of Mythology. Age of Mythology Video Games. Note: Not sure if this question is better in Ask Different or Arqade. Will move question if prompted. I would like to get the game at a reduced price since it is so old so paying the full price for the OS X version is not preferred but will be considered.

    I would try PlayOnMac, it's an easy-to-use wrapper for a program called WINE which basically replicates all the Windows code a normal win32 application needs to run.

    They have a database on their website of games that work on it, you might try there. I ended up being patient and did not make any purchases until recently when Age of Mythology: Extended Edition was released on Steam.

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    It includes the Titans expansion and is likely to have more content added like what was done for Age of Empires II on Steam. I do have to boot into Windows to play but it runs really well graphics look awesome through Steam. That game is available on Windows and OS X - you can buy either the windows or os x version and use either, I would suggest OS X if you'd prefer not to have to boot windows to play it. Your machine will be fine to play it!

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    To install an msi File in wineskin just select it when you click on 'install windows software' winesking can install from an msi file. It can just be a bit touchy If you get everything installed into wineskin then when the videos appear I allways click past then cant remember if I keep hitting esc or whatever and you juet keep trying to skip past it. On my old macbook pro with a ATI X like you after the movies the screen goes white for a few seconds and I need to keep trying to skip past till the curser appears and sucessfuly loads into AOM.

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    Also, I run Snow Leopard on my old mac and not Not sure. No, it doesn't work, I'm playing it with crossover games.. Anyways, thanks for your support! Guest Dec 02 AM.

    Thanks it works on Mac Lion Lorenzogna Mar 23 PM. There isn't the file. I fixed my last issue now I'm having issues updating it as it sees the NoCD crack file sorry if I worded that wrong and doesn't allow the game to update.

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