New mac mini 2014 review

Mac mini 2014 review

It is serviceably better than its predecessor, but you still have to temper your expectations with reality. Read on for some performance benchmarks that should put my qualifiers in context. If you want to eke as much performance as possible out of your Mac mini, options include a 3. But at that point you're well into MacBook Pro and iMac territory, so compare your options to see where the best value is. One thing you won't find on this year's Mac mini is a quad-core processor option. The quad-core processor was the standard issue for the server version of the model, but there is no server version anymore.

Apple Mac mini

John Poole at Primate Labs, makers of the Geekbench benchmarking software app that we use as part of our performance testing here at iMore, recently blogged about the omission of the quad-core processor in this Mac mini refresh. Poole says that Haswell processors are a bit different than their Ivy Bridge counterparts: the dual-core and quad-core processors use different sockets.

That would require Apple to maintain two separate logic boards for each Mac mini model — something they didn't have to do in Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that quad-core processors are no longer an option on the Mac mini. Applications that are thoroughly optimized for multithreading and ones that take advantage of Intel's hyperthreading capabilities may suffer in performance as a result, because there simply aren't as many processing cores in the high-end Mac mini model anymore.

As in all things, your mileage may vary. Enough bloviating. If you're a spec-monkey and you're concerned with how the Mac mini performs, here are the results. This is a 2. Besides having enough RAM — 8 GB is enough for most users — I'd strongly consider upgrading to Fusion Drive if you want to experience optimal performance in whatever Mac mini configuration you buy.

Pure SSD is great if you can afford it, but as I said before, Fusion Drive is really the best of both worlds: The instant performance of a flash drive mated to the enormous capacity of a conventional hard drive mechanism. The Mac mini is the only Mac besides the Mac Pro to ship without a keyboard, monitor or mouse, so you're on the hook to provide all that yourself or purchase it separately when you get your Mac mini.

Many people buying the Mac mini end up recycling gear they're using with another computer, like an older Mac or a PC. That's suitable if you plan to use your Mac mini as a media server, but you'll probably want something faster if you're using it as a 4K desktop display. Apple no longer includes an HDMI to DVI adapter in the box, so you're on the hook to get your own adapter to connect whatever display or displays — the Mac mini can support two of them through Thunderbolt you plan to use.

OS X It favors flatter gradients but more vibrant translucency, condensed toolbars and more uniform icons, and a new system font in Helvetica Neue. Yosemite also brings Continuity which lets it AirDrop and Tether with iOS, call and SMS relay to transit iPhone communications, and Handoff, so you can move from working on your Mac mini to your iPad to your iPhone and back from right where you left off. There's also Extensibility to make plugins more modern, updates to Mail and Safari, and much more. Apple's taken a page from its iMac playbook, introducing a stripped down entry-level system.

That cheaper Mac mini uses a 1. It'll be well-suited for general users who have modest performance expectations from their Mac — checking e-mail, surfing the web, using the software included with the Mac.

Who is the Mac mini for?

Many people using Mac minis as business computers will be just fine with this less-expensive configuration. The mid-range model bumps up the processor to 2. Graphics get a bit of a boost, too, using the Iris integrated graphics design. The high-end model gets a 2. It's the best of both worlds — the speed of a flash drive, the capacity of a regular hard drive.

Why a Mac mini?

This is the model that I tested for the purposes of this review. The Mac mini is a solid upgrade for those coming from PCs or older Macs. If you're on a tight budget or if you've invested in a great keyboard, mouse and monitor that you're perfectly happy with, the Mac mini can help you get the most out of your money.

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Pros The least expensive Mac you can buy. Cons Not upgradable. Bottom Line Apple's latest tiny desktop computer, the Mac mini, is in top form thanks to its excellent build quality, scads of connectivity options, good selection of preloaded software, and a really nice price. Similar Products. Apple Mac mini Late Maingear Spark.

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