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Eclipse CDT comes with some basic automated refactorings. Cevelop builds on these foundations and gives you many more.

Namespace refactorings to quality unqualified names and inline and extract using directives and declarations. Cevelop helps you to upgrade your code to automatically take advantage of new features such as initializer lists, smart pointers, and more. By default, projects will be created in wherever you set up your workspace to be when first starting Eclipse, placed inside of folders named the same as the project.

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It is slightly tricky, but you should soon learn, how to work with an existing directory structure, like your git folder. Ultimately your project creation should look something like this:. To add a new source. For this example, we will name the file main. Eclipse will auto-generate some documentation at the top of your newly created file. You can now add a simple file, like the following:.

To compile a program in Eclipse, you can do any of the following be sure to save your work first :.

GNU ARM → GNU MCU Eclipse!

If you have any errors in your code, the "Console" will display the error and warning output from the compiler. You can also view these by going to the "Problems" panel at the bottom of your screen. If everything compiles correctly, you should have no errors in your "Problems" panel and see "Finished building target" in your "Console".

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Installing Eclipse for C Cross Development

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How to Install Eclipse IDE on Mac OS X

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